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An honors project is meant to be a substantial research undertaking during the later part of a student’s undergraduate career, culminating in a final written and oral presentation describing the student’s project and its significance.


  1. Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA. 
  2. Students must complete three quarters of research. All three quarters must be on the same project with the same advisor.  A summer quarter will count as one quarter of research (see note on summer research, below).
  3. Students must complete a substantial writeup of his or her research, in the format of a publishable research paper. This research paper is expected to be approximately 10-15 pages.  It must be approved by the student’s research advisor and by a second reader.
  4. Students will present his or her results in a public presentation at the culmination of his or her honors project. This can either be in the honors presentation venue of the home department of the student’s advisor, or in a suitable alternate venue.

Application process 

To ensure quality and rigor of the honors projects, students are required to submit a 1-2 page proposal describing the problem the student has chosen to investigate, its significance, and the student’s research plan.  This plan must be endorsed by the student’s research and academic advisors.In making its decision, the department will evaluate the overall scope and significance of the student’s proposed work.

Honors vs. the regular BMC research requirement

All BMC majors are required to complete two quarters of research and an associated WIM write-up.  The honors project is intended for students who want to set a higher bar for their research experience.  Projects will be more rigorously screened prior to approval, a longer duration of research is required, and the final writeup and presentation will be more rigorous. Additionally, there is a GPA threshold for achieving honors. Importantly, there is no limit to the number of majors that can graduate with honors. Anyone interested and meeting the qualifications will be considered.

Summer research

Summer research may be used for honors research. However, funding should not be obtained through typical VPUE sources, but rather through the UAR’s Student Grants Program (