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Declaring BMC

To declare, you will need the following documents:

Select an advisor

Your academic advisor is a School of Engineering faculty member who will provide mentorship and guidance during your Stanford career. Additionally, as the BMC major requires independent research, your academic advisor can help you find a research mentor, and in the case that you are unable to find a mentor agrees to serve as your default research advisor.

Because BMC is in the School of Engineering, the academic advisor must hold an appointment with a School of Engineering department. You may declare a coadvisor, whose appointment may be outside the School of Engineering.


  1. Meet with your academic advisor, review the four-year plan, and have him/her sign your completed program sheet
  2. Email or drop-off the following forms to Dr. Altman or Dr. Kaushal
    1. Completed four-year plan
    2. Completed and signed program sheet (Dr. Altman or Dr. Kaushal to sign)
    3. Completed Supplementary BMC Declaration form (Dr. Altman or Dr. Kaushal to sign)
  3. Take all four documents (four-year plan, signed program sheet, signed Supplementary BMC Declaration form, and unofficial transcript) to Darlene Lazar in Huang 135 for review and approval
  4. Enroll in Axess
    1. Select "Engr" as your Major
    2. Select "BMC" as your subplan
    3. Email Gracey Hessinger ( and Katy Klemme Bechler ( once you have completed these steps so your major can be approved by the department